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At Tallahassee Early Learning Centre, we have the courage to lead, the willingness to take appropriate risk, and the strength to be creative. We are accepting of change that strengthens and improves us. Our curriculum is delivered by qualified Early Childhood Educators, who are trained and caring professionals.

Children are encouraged to explore, research and investigate everyday ordinary happenings that they find interesting and curious. Children’s thoughts and ideas are valued and thus it allows their own curiosity to create the daily curriculum. The materials in our environments are the bones of our curriculum and the foundation of the teaching and learning process. They support our values and frame the possibilities and actions for living and learning with children. Collections, offerings and arrangements of materials reflect our values, what we believe children are capable of, and how we see our role.

We welcome all perspectives; we value and respect all points of view. We care about the whole health of our people and understand that optimal well being includes not only the balance of work and family life but also ensuring that mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual health are maintained.

“Children are miracles. Believing that every child is a miracle can transform the way we design for children’s care. We make it our job to create a space that’s worthy of a miracle!” -Anita Rui Olds, 1999, Designs for Living and Learning, Deb Curtis and Margie Carter


 To provide quality childhood education programs for our young children. To provide a safe, developmentally, inclusive environment for all children. We are committed to the families we serve, providing support and encouragement.



 Tallahassee Early Learning Centre officially started in 1999 when deciding we wanted to have a high-quality child care centre. Recreation ran the program before that, and through conversation we agreed that the program would become licenced and privately owned. We then extended to provide an After-School program in 2001, following with a daycare in 2010.


In The


We are currently full for the upcoming year (2022-2023) and we are no longer taking names on our waitlist. 



Our Staff are Early Childhood Educators, ranging from level 1, 2, and 3. We attend several early childhood workshops/conferences throughout the year.

 Our qualifications and training

*Criminal Reference Check, Vulnerable Sector Search

*Emergency First Aid, CPR (children/infants)* Child Abuse Registry check

*Early Childhood Classification

*Safe Food Handlers Certification

*Professional Development opportunities

 Staff/Continued Learning

 All Early Childhood Educators continuously engage in ongoing professional development opportunities to support continues growth and development. Early

Childhood Educators in Nova Scotia receive financial support from the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

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