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Our Programs

Tallahassee:  Our Image of the Child


We believe All children are;

Adventurous: open minded, curious, inquisitive, explorers and energetic.

Accepting: inclusive, compassionate, respectful, sharing, trusting, happy, friendly, loving, spiritual and social.

Creative: imaginative

Confident: proud, determined, resilient and independent


Before and After School Program

Our school age program provides care for children enrolled at

Horizon, Oceanview and Seaside Elementary School.  

The before school program starts at 6:45 am,

Horizon children are walked over at 8:20am

Ocean View Children are walked up at 8:15 am

Seaside children leave at 8:05 am

Our After School Program closes at 5:30pm

The after-School staff will walk up to get the children at Ocean View that are in grades Primary to Three.

Seaside children will walk up to school in the before school program and back to our centre after school. Parents will be required to sign a release form for children going to Sea Side Elementary.

Please contact us right away if your child will not be attending that day.

The Halifax Recreation Department runs In-service Camps, March Break Camp and Summer Camps.  Register Early to secure your space.

If Schools are closed so is our Centre.

Baby's Clutch

I know nothing of hatred
intolerance, racism, sexism,
bigotry, indoctrination,
homophobia, and prejudice.

I don't yet understand things
like love, compassion,
Integrity, tolerance, human
decency and truth.

For the first, most important
formative years of my life,
all I will know


Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre is open from 7:00 to 5:00 daily.

*Our Centre is closed for the month of August every year.*

 We provide care for children from 10mths  of age until they go to school.  We currently have one Junior Toddler, one Senior Toddler and one Preschool room.


Our Approach

At Tallahassee, we are inspired by emergent curriculum teaching. This is a way of planning curriculum that focuses on being responsive to children’s interest to create meaningful learning experiences. Children thrive and learn best when their interests are captured. This involves a lot of creativity and flexibility on the part of the teachers. There is no knowing where the learning will end up, but this makes the curriculum more exciting for the teachers and children. We believe outdoor learning is just as valuable as indoor.  We make frequent visits to Fisherman's Cove and our local gardens.



We provide a safe comfortable environment for learning and living for all children. Our goal is to meet the developmental and educational needs of all the children and everyone to be able to participate in all activities. All children will be accepted into our facility according to availability.

Partners and Support staff

We work in partnership with Early Interventionists, NS hearing and Speech, Occupational therapists, IWK staff, school learning centers, among others.  This allows to better support the development of the whole child.

Our Centre values diversity and all that it encompasses. Diversity encompasses all of the differences that we possess as humans. It includes differences in race, language, gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, nationality, abilities, exceptionalities, and geographical placement. Diversity consists of all the qualities that make us dissimilar and of that which brings to our existence experiences, abilities, talents, character traits, and preferences that enhance our being. It is these aspects of who we are that play a major role in how we respond to our world and in how we educate ourselves and others
Valuing diversity simply means that we are comfortable with who we are as individuals and are able to accept and appreciate the differences of ourselves and of others. Through valuing diversity, we learn to expect, respect and accept differences from others.
From;  "Valuing Diversity for Young Children "
A POSITION STATEMENT OF THE Southern Early Childhood Association, Southern Early Childhood Association. (1994). Checklist for diversity in early childhood education and care. Little Rock, AR: SECA Publishing."
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